Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

Q:  I know what flowers I want in my bouquet but I’m confused about my bridesmaid’s bouquets. Any suggestions?
Carol,Sherman Oaks

Orie Says:
First you need to know the color of their dresses. Any bouquet, both style and color, must be harmonious with their dresses.Many brides select the same style as their bouquet for their bridesmaids but smaller.Other brides will use some of the same flowers as in their bouquet for their bridesmaids.
The most important part of your decision is that they look good with their flowers, since you will relive your wedding for years to come through the photos that are taken.

Bouquets and Centerpieces and Succulents… Oh My??

Q:  Can I mix succulents with cut flowers for bouquets and centerpieces? Will they look good together?
Felicia, New York

Orie Says:
Yes you can. They would look great if combined with colorful cut flowers.The succulent’s shades of blue-grey, silver and almost black go especially well with red roses and orange dahlias.

Easy Care, Long Lasting Flowers?

Q:  I would like to send my 80 year-old mother-in-law some flowers for her
birthday in a few weeks.  What would you recommend that would require the
least care, but could last a long time?  Oh, and can it be fragrant too?
Jenny K., Agoura Hills

Orie Says:
Hi Jenny!   A bouquet of fresh cut flowers  will bring color and beauty, but may last one to two weeks in water. Think about sending a tropical, which lasts a very long time or perhaps a cactus, which can last almost forever with very little care.  Options for tropical flowers can be: Orchids, Birds of Paradise, Pikake (the very fragrant Hawaiian jasmine plant) or Hibiscus, to name a few. Night Blooming Careus is a fragrant and lasting cactus that will bloom (you guessed it!) at night.  We can also do a live plant arrangement in a basket that would simply need to be watered once in a while.

Wedding Florist – When Should I Start Searching?

Q.  How much time before my wedding should I contact a florist for my wedding flowers?
Stacie, Encino

Orie Says:

Thanks for asking such an important question Stacie – and it’s one we get asked all the time!  There is no hard rule for when you should start searching for the right florist for your wedding. However, we suggest that you have your wedding date and venue selected before making contact with your florist. At Flowers by Orie we provide an initial free consult to all of our brides, which is tpically scheduled 6 months to a year before the wedding.

Bouquets on a Budget

Q:  My friend had the most beautiful bouquet at her wedding.  It included small white flowers called Stephanotis, which I’m told can be expensive.  What would you recommend that will be both delicate in my bouquet and on my budget? Margaret A., Calabasas

Orie Says:

We love Stephanotis, but it can be an expensive addition to bouquets and arrangements.  One of our favorite substitutes (for our cost-conscious brides) is Bouvardia. Bouvardia flowers are smaller than Stephanotis and come in star-shaped bud clusters of white, pink, or red.