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Retail Florist vs. Event Florist?

Q:  What is the difference between a retail florist and an event florist? 
Barbara, Studio City 
Orie Says:
A retail florist operates out of a flower shop or a counter in a supermarket. An event florist does not. Many event florists work out of their home. Flowers by Orie is an event florist working out of a studio in our home. By doing so we keep the overhead down and pass on the savings to our customers.


The Illusion of Candle Light?

Q:  At my wedding venue we cannot use votive candles that can be lit. Is there another way to give the illusion of a lit candle?
Debbie M. New York

Orie Says:
At Flowers by Orie we get this request often. We recommend a mini battery operated light floating in clear gel in a votive holder. The illumination is impressive and some lights even flicker.


Q:  I love the fragrance and star shape form of Stephanotis. Why are they so expensive?
Dana, New York

Orie Says:
Stephanotis have very small stems which prevent using them in arrangements. Florists have to remove the stem and put the bud on an artificial stem that is longer and provides moisture. This process is time consuming and causes the cost to go up. Many brides feel the increased cost is worth it to use this beautiful flower

Florist Deposits

Q:  Is it customary to give a deposit to a florist before the wedding?
Joanne S. Encino

Orie Says:
Each florist may have a different policy regarding a deposit. At Flowers by Orie we require a non-refundable deposit to hold the wedding date. Once we receive the deposit along with a signed contract, we reserve the date on our event calendar.

Flowers on a Valentine’s Day Wedding?

Q:  I am getting married on 2/11/12 which is the Saturday before Valentine’s day. Can I expect to pay more for my flowers?
Kim.M. Canoga Park

Orie Says:
Yes you can. Many flowers go up in price due to supply and demand the week before and through the week after Valentine’s Day. Roses, Lilies and Carnations will definitely go up. If you like Roses you will find that red varieties will escalate more in cost than other colors.